Najla El Zein Workspace

The Wind Portal
Installation commissioned by the V&A
London Design Festival 2013

The Wind Portal is a walk-through installation that represents a transition space from an inside to an outside area. It defines an exaggeration of a specific sensorial moment that each one of us experiences throughout our daily lives.
Wind, and sound, are the elements that makes us understand our environmental context.
Through The Wind Portal installation, shaped as a monumental gate of 8 meters high and composed of thousands of paper windmills that spin thanks to an integrated wind system, the aim was to make our visitors feel, hear and be aware of the action of transitioning through two spaces.

Its architectural shape works as an illusion effect which, according to the angle you are positioned from, one would perceive the gate as being closed. As soon as you approach it, the gate seems to open up.

Online V&A website
This installation will be showcased at the V&A, gallery 64B from September 14th - November 8th 2013

Lighting and automation: Maurice Asso Hilights

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